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Is there anyone here who used to belong to it?  Several members had interaction with the actual Vets and that broadened in to quite a website before disbanding to a certain extent, and then, I think someone tried to revive it elsewhere.  Does that makes sense?  Anyone else remember the site?

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I have never heard of it.

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I remember it and did speak to a couple of Screaming Eagles but I don't see the site up much any more.

I'm thinking that most of the old 101st members have passed.

True heroes!


Finally.  Many moons ago, it used to be called WBG.com I believe.  It was very popular after the Band of Brothers series came out and the forums just exploded.  I was a member there as were others that also frequented Amirite, and I think, Soda Head.

In the subsequent years after the series it began to wane, and I think the owner of the site, if I'm not mistaken, was one of Bill Guarnere's sons, and eventually, that site went down and then it was resurrected and brought over to Facebook.  The "WBG" of course stood for Wild Bill Guarnere of Band fame.  It was a very good site and had a lot of people who were passionate about the series, WWII, and military history in general.  I think Veteran's Day triggered the memory actually.  I do miss that site I know.

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