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I think that he could avoid mistreatment in Australia with vaccination.

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I have not looked into it enough to have an opinion, Kninjanin. But I am going to follow your question, and see what others here have learned. 

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Yes, I know what happened, but the Australian govt more or less had  to deport him, otherwise their strict Covid policies would have been open to question in a very public way. Nevertheless, maybe a suitable compromise could have been reached, for example Djokovic being tested for Covid twice a day during his stay in Australia.

It would of course have been possible for Djokovic to get vaccinated before he left Serbia, but from what I understand, he has been a rather outspoken anti-vaxxer, so maybe that would not have been an option for him, publicitywise.

In any case, it is a pity. I would very much have liked to have seen him play in the Open.

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Well,I think the whole thing was a mess.

An Australian friend on another forum pointed out that they changed the rules while he was on his flight to Australia.

And I support his right not to be vaccinated.

( but it seems he has a big stake in a firm producing vaccines).

As things stand at the moment he can’t play the French either but he will be okay for Wimbledon in restriction free England.

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