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SFA, I had never ever before known of such a thing as a "tidal bore" ...which apparently happens on the River Severn, but only when the moon is full, and not just ANY full moon either, got to be a special one! ima check and see if it happens on any other rivers, well maybe someday I will do that.

However, long ago I worked with a lady named Kathy Severn...and I am starting to think that EVERYTHING and everyone got started in Wales!  :cheerful:   <3


Wales..the place to be...

I think it does happen on other rivers but the sheer size of the tide makes the Severn Bore very spectacular.

The difference in the height of the water between low tide and high tide is the highest in the world I think.


LOTS of tidal rivers in Pacific rain-coastal Washington State...the creeks are called sloughs (pronounced slew)...a whole microecosystem of their own, slow and salty and muddy...

And that full moon? I can recall, as a child when the clamming was still good...we would look for the lowest tides at the ocean beaches, which co-ordinated with moon phase, of course.

But still no river here with a tidal bore that I ever heard of...it's fascinating!

Photo of razor clam dug near Kalaloch, NW Washington State ocean beach (nice fat one, too):

OUTDOORS: Hopeful signs for Kalaloch razor clam digging | Peninsula Daily  News