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Recently, India sends 50,000 tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan as aid.


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Good for them! Right now, the World needs all the aid they can get!

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India did not vote against Russia in the UN?


It didn't. India just stayed neutral. I can see many Indians support Russia in Youtube comments and some support Ukraine. I think many Serbians support Russia.

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I did not know that India is the second largest producer of wheat in the world!


Wheat is mainly grown in the north of India since wheat requires cold temperature and rice is grown in the south. India produces twice the number of wheat produced in the U.S.


Either I have not been watching the news enough, or else the US media is not covering the crisis in Sri Lanka properly...good for India, to help them.

I looked up the wheat-producing countries...some surprises here...look at France, at #6!

Top 10 Wheat Producing Countries (in tons of wheat produced 2020)*

  1. China — 134,254,710
  2. India — 107,590,000
  3. Russia — 85,896,326
  4. United States — 49,690,680
  5. Canada — 35,183,000
  6. France — 30,144,110
  7. Pakistan — 25,247,511
  8. Ukraine — 24,912,350
  9. Germany — 22,172,100
  10. Turkey — 20,500,000

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