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It was Sgt (then Private) Henry N. Gunther.



Ironically, he would have been exactly 49 years old on D-Day in WW2; his birthday was June 6.

The article claims almost 3000 Americans died during the last six hours between the signing of the Armistice and when it took effect at 11 a.m. of Nov 11, 1918. I don't believe that figure can be correct.

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I did not know it.

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Yes, I know the story quite well.

Much like the young German soldiers in " All Quiet on the Western Front" when Paul Baumer died on that last day!


To paraphrase Lincoln,

"So senseless a sacrifice on the altar of war."   :'(

I've posted this clip before, and have often wondered how many young men died needlessly in that last barrage.

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