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I noticed that Russians do not use shortwave much. I noticed a radio station from Sankt Peterburg on AM. I remember that I could listen to radio Voice of Russia on Serbian in 2000.  I noticed Russian radio Svoboda in 2008 but Russian radio stations are absent from shortwave now.

China uses shortwave too much.

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Maybe the Russians have reduced their shortwave usage because they can reach many more people on the internet?

Also, operating a powerful shortwave transmitter is much more expensive, and has much less bandwidth. It is also much harder to pretend that what they transmit on SW is not propaganda.

On the internet, they can pretend to be honest people from other countries who agree with the Russian line.
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I haven't even heard of anyone here using shortwave any more. My Uncle was into it big time many years ago but I hardly hear anything nowadays!
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Back in the day I used to listen to Radio Moscow.

Wouldn’t now.

Radio Berlin International were good too.

There is still quite a bit on Shortwave,

As you point out China Radio International are prominent!