Brazil or England: What is the country of soccer?

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Dec 11, 2015 in Football (Soccer) ⚽ by Steven (4,081 points)

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Dan Dec 11, 2015
No doubt, Brazil = Soccer, Soccer = Brazil. Brazilians are just crazy about the game and the Brazil government spends a huge money to host the FIFA Worldcup last time which is higher than that of the money spend by the South African government.
salman Dec 16, 2015
Brazil, Ofcourse
Fuzzy Corona Dec 16, 2015
Why can't they both be?

Although Brazil is obviously better at it
mirrt Dec 16, 2015
bekyoo Dec 17, 2015
amberleechoo Dec 29, 2015
Brazil is the country what I heard.
Platinum Dec 30, 2015
Brazil are by far the best footballers, English football is deteriorating because of the amount of foreigners in our game, we have foreign owners, foreign managers and foreign players ....Brazil have so much skill...
Feb 24, 2016

Brazil, I guess.

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