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A shark swimming in the North Sea meets a very unwell- looking squid. “ Hey” he says. “ You look terrible.” “ Yes” says the squid. “ I feel awful. I need to get back to the Mediterranean.” “ Get on my back, I’ll give you a lift,” says the shark.

A couple of days later, basking in the warm waters off Spain, another shark joins them. “ Hey, you’re back!” says the second one to the first. “Yes, and I’ve brought that sick squid I owe you” says the first.


 A panda walks into a bar, orders a sandwich, consumes it, pulls out a gun and shoots the barman, and walks out. “Why did he do that?” gasps another patron. “You know pandas” the injured barman moans. “Look it up. See - Panda. Eats shoots and leaves.”:D

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Groan... :P

Two carp are swimming in a lake, when they come across a wallet floating in the water.

One of the fish grabs the wallet in its mouth and tosses it to the other, who catches it and tosses it back. They play catch with the wallet all afternoon.

And that was the first known instance of carp-to-carp walleting.


b]Mary Poppins went to a restaurant and ordered cheese, eggs and cauliflower. When she left, she had written something in the complaint box: super cauliflower, eggs but cheese was quite atrocious