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And ice cream flavours

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Yes, I like accidental discoveries (as long as they are pleasant).

But I can't mention my favorite accidental discovery (when I was about 12) on a family-oriented website. ;)



But there are so few of us!


I accidentally discovered a 20metre roll of foil at the back of the pantry...must have been there years!


Yes, there are very few of us.

All the more reason I can't afford to shock anyone. :O

I think I would have much preferred my accidental discovery at age 12 over discovering a roll of foil instead. :D

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Some of the greatest scientific breakthroughs have been accidentally discovered from within a laboratory
  • Penicillin. One of the biggest medicinal breakthroughs in history came about entirely by accident. ...
  • Viagra. ...
  • Plastic. ...
  • The Microwave. ...
  • Vaseline. ...
  • Strikeable Match. ...
  • Gunpowder. ...
  • Mauve.
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