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If you want to be transported to a charming little hotel on the North Sea in Denmark, full of delightful characters that never cease to amaze, then Seaside Hotel (Badehotellet in Danish) is for you. Most of the dialogue is in Danish (with English subtitles). Don’t let the subtitles deter you; you will miss a memorable series.

The first season of Seaside Hotel opens in 1928 and each season begins with a new year. The hotel opens for the summer (except for an occasional winter gathering), and a core of mostly the same group of visitors from Copenhagen return for a stay. Each time has developments and complications that are seldom what any of them (or the viewers) could have predicted.
Created by the Danish husband-wife writing/production team of Hanna Lundblad and Stig Thorsboe, Seaside Hotel premiered in 2013. A cast of recurring characters—mainly hotel guests and staff—keep consistent plot lines going through the years.

*I have watched this series, which has english sub-titles, from it's release and, I have gone back and watched this season twice.  It is SO good.  If you'd like to escape, and can submit to subtitles you will not be disappointed.  This series is what I would term, a "happy place."  Like All Creatures Great and Small on PBS, this series is absolutely wonderful.  Give it a shot.  I've read that, by demand, it's considering a Season 10.

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Never heard of it before.

I'll give it a try.
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Will seek it out
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I have never watched it.

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