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This question invites you to share your thoughts on the ideal candidate for the upcoming U.S. Presidential election. Consider attributes like leadership skills, policy priorities, ethical standards, and their vision for the nation's future. Reflect on the qualities you believe are crucial for a President in today's complex and dynamic world. Your perspective is valuable in shaping a discussion about the leadership that can guide the United States toward progress and unity in the coming years.

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I think someone who actually respects the democratic process and is able to work with other world leaders would be nice.

I fear they will elect Donald Trump again who does not fit the bill!
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I'm sorry but I don't see any person at this time who is qualified or will put the interests of the people ahead of all the scheming and BS.

When or if I see someone who really cares about the American people first and foremost, then I'll support that person.
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I left the presidential line blank on my ballot in 2016, to indicate neither candidate was acceptable.

I did the same in 2020.

It looks as if I will have to do the same in 2024.

We are in serious trouble if we can't find better people than this.

I hear that! 


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I do not see a good candidate for the president of the USA. I see that the presidents of the USA worry much more about other countries than the USA. 

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