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lolz   All the time 

My Dreams Guide me thru this Life in a way that's hard to explain but I could sleep tonight and know of an event in the Coming Months.. 

Always tell my Fella if it's interesting and then he Freaks out and calls me a Witch when it comes True  *grinz*  

Sometime's I Love being me 

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Well only smaller things like once on the morning I dreamt that I was going to eat pancakes and then later we got that for lunch same day.
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I dreamt that I moved abroad by the sea and six months later I did ...
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Yes, but it was more like a nightmare. Obama got elected.

I just had one about Hillary too. I hope it doesn't come true.
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Yep, and then I married her.
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Nothing I can think of.
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Two girls at the same time.