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Do you remember the sound of the dial up internet?

+3 votes
Jan 12, 2016 in Internet by amberleechoo (19,060 points)

Yes 11 votes, 92%
No 1 vote, 8%
Undecided 0 votes

9 Answers

Skunky Stinkerson Jan 12, 2016

i remember it lol.

amberleechoo Jan 12, 2016

I have no memory of it and didn´t know about it until I read about it somewhere for 1-2 years ago. 

MidnightCowboy Jan 12, 2016

I do.  It seems like ancient history today.

Echooos Jan 12, 2016

Sure do

HeyCameron! Jan 12, 2016

I don't really remember when it was the only option, but I remember my dad had a computer with dial-up internet when I was little and I can remember the sound of it lol

Ancient_Hippy Jan 12, 2016

Yes, how could I forget that annoying sound.

Zolfie Jan 12, 2016

I think my father stuck with dial up internet a lot longer than others, and yes I remember that annoying sound.

Didge Dec 17, 2016

Oh, yeah. I even remember DOS though, I gotta confess, I've forgotten most of the commands. One thing I haven't forgotten -- the phrase that has resulted in many a computer being thrown through many a window -- is "syntax error". 

Rooster Dec 18, 2016

Yes, I remember it ! Glad it isn't around any more. I can remember downloading a picture or image and going and making Lunch and talking on the phone and coming back and maybe it was done........maybe.

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