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The "browse" tab that used to appear under the answer text box has disappeared.


Feature will be back up and running soon Guys and Gals 

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Darkest Serenity

You're right it has , I'll speak to Dan :)

TheOtherTink Darkest Serenity
Thank you, Serenity.
You're welcome :)

Let me try pasting a pic.

Image result for smile

Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
Copy and paste work.
TheOtherTink Ancient_Hippy
Yes, but that one came from a website.

I'm talking about pictures from your computer files.
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
I haven't tried to copy and paste a pic from my files but I did notice that the browse and upload link is missing, as previously stated.
TheOtherTink Ancient_Hippy
Yes, that's the problem  You can still post pics by entering a URL from another site after clicking the appropriate tab at the top of the answer text box,  just not ones directly from your own computer.
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
Yep, I just tried to copy and ctrl v a pic from my files and it won't take.

Yeah I can´t find it either but it´s something Dan can fix.

Bruno56 amberleechoo


amberleechoo amberleechoo

Well now I don´t know anymore. I can only tell him about it, then he is the only one who makes the desicion.

I saw.

Darkest Serenity


TheOtherTink Darkest Serenity
Yay! :-)
Bruno56 Darkest Serenity

And now it's gone again?

@ Quizzer  Yes you're right it has disappeared , thanks B

I'll report this to Dan now :)

Bruno56 Darkest Serenity


At the bottom of the box it says choose files ....
TheOtherTink Platinum
Yes, now it does, but it wasn't there earlier today.
Platinum Platinum
I got it back for u.....lol
TheOtherTink Platinum
You must have told Serenity then.

See the post directly above.   :-)

At the bottom of box, it says...choose file....


Yep.  I can post pictures from online with the url, but browsing pictures from my computer no longer works.  I've been noticing that for some days now.  Will the feature to upload photos from the computer ever come back again?

Darkest Serenity David4004

@ David    Quizzer made a post today and I have posted Dan the link 

I have told him about this issue but now it's not just me relaying this complaint 

Join Quizzers post :)