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Are you a Bird or Cat or Dog or Fish person?

+11 votes
Dec 24, 2015 in Pets by Dan (5,336 points)

Best Funny Pets

Bird 0 votes
Cat 6 votes, 33%
Dog 8 votes, 44%
Fish 1 vote, 6%
Other 3 votes, 17%

14 Answers

Rooster Dec 24, 2015

A dog person for sure ! Love my Basset Hound ! 

amberleechoo Dec 24, 2015

Guineapigs are so cute>_< I have had many of them before

Rooster amberleechoo Dec 24, 2015
I had Guinea pigs when I was a kid and loved them. They would hear the fridge open and squeal like crazy for lettuce ! LOL
Dan amberleechoo Dec 24, 2015
amberleechoo amberleechoo Dec 24, 2015
Oh it says that it isnΒ΄t available in my country:(
ajmsituation Dec 24, 2015
Generally speaking I am a cat person, but I do like dogs a lot too.
Angela Anthony Dec 24, 2015
I've always been a dog person, love doggies....especially sand castle wrecker doggies! ;)
Dec 25, 2015
Dog.  I have had many different types of pets through the years and I love birds, but my dogs are my favorite.
Steven Dec 25, 2015
I am isolated
Bruno56 Dec 25, 2015

I am/was :>( a dog person...

If anyone here remembers seeing my Siberian Husky on SodaHead, I'm sorry to say that Wolf passed away on October 29th.

Skunky Stinkerson Dec 25, 2015

i really love dogs (i like the small, flat faced breeds the best, such as pugs, Pekingese, Japanese Chin etc). but i also like hamsters and rats... they are soo flipping cute. 

Dan Skunky Stinkerson Dec 25, 2015
They are so cute
Dan Skunky Stinkerson Jan 7, 2016
Ratatouille is one of my favorite movie.
bekyoo Dec 25, 2015
I love cats. My favorite pet.
MidnightCowboy Jan 7, 2016

I like my tropical fish aquarium.

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