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I use an electric shaver but mine is a wet/dry one which allows me to use shaving cream.


I use a blade razor. I have a beard, so the shaving is minimal.

@ AH  Of course you have a Beard ,  you're a Hippy , what Self Respecting Ageing Hippy would go Beardless    :P  hehehe
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
The beard was born of pure laziness, less shaving to be done. It's not a long beard, it's a very short, neatly trimmed beard. I've had it so long that most of my friends have never seen me clean shaven.

  A classic style single blade is the only way to go. They work the best with the least irritation.image

Skunky Stinkerson

just a razor. electric shavers suck. (i use Mach3 from Gillette)

i've tried several different electric shaver brands and they just aren't efficient. (at least with my razor. i get a smooth and fast shave)


@ Skunky  Check the reviews on Amazon for the Wet / Dry Shaver I just bought my Fella


Darkest Serenity
@ Gun   Cut Throat I bet , you're hard as Nails   lolz
@ser  Not really, but thanks :-)
Darkest Serenity
@ Gun  :P
Darkest Serenity

Just bought my Guy this image

Very impressed , his Face was so Smooth and it was a deal of the day at Amazon 

No more Razors :)