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Alphabetical Flower and Plant Game

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Jan 18, 2016 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Marianne (12,504 points)

How about looking into botanics and sharing the names and pictures of plants or their flowers in alphabetical order?

I'll start with A, and the next player will continue with B, and so on.

A: Abutilon


Abutilon megapotamicum

117 Answers

HegeMarie Jan 22, 2016

Eden Garden, Poor Knights Lily (Xeronema callistemon)

Xeronema callistemon

Marianne HegeMarie Jan 24, 2016
amberleechoo Jan 18, 2016

Baby’s Breath


Marianne amberleechoo Jan 18, 2016
Wonderful colours!
Dan Jan 18, 2016

C) Cyclamen Europaeum


Marianne Dan Jan 18, 2016
Very nice!
Dan Dan Jan 18, 2016
Cherry Blossom
Marianne Dan Jan 18, 2016
Lol - I love the cat among all these blooming trees - a romantic sight.

By the way, E is next, no, it is G - chuckling.
Marianne Jan 18, 2016



(Common Daisy - Bellis perennis)

Marianne Marianne Jan 18, 2016
I was too slow and had to correct my previous answer:


(probably Cattleya maxima)
Marianne Marianne Jan 22, 2016
E was missing:

Epidendrum (E. radicans)
HegeMarie Jan 18, 2016

Euphorbia griffithii


Marianne HegeMarie Jan 18, 2016
Wow - super!
Freeranger HegeMarie Jan 18, 2016
A Bhutanese aphrodisiac?
Marianne HegeMarie Feb 1, 2016
I was wondering if you were looking for more information about cultivating this Himalayan plant (besides Bhutan, they mention Tibet and south west China):

There is not much information over more generalised sources:

There are many different species of the genus Euphorbia, like the popular poinsettia, for instance, or:

the "Christ thorn"
HegeMarie HegeMarie Feb 1, 2016
Thank you for those links. It could be fun to give this one a try..
Marianne HegeMarie Feb 2, 2016
You're very welcome - it is an interesting, very diverse family of plants, we have (in Europe), for instance, the green spurge, Euphorbia esula - yes, it is the same genus:
Tiger Paws Jan 18, 2016

image Forsythia

Marianne Tiger Paws Jan 25, 2016
Very nice!
Marianne Jan 18, 2016

Gloriosa lily


Gloriosa Rothschildiana

Marianne Marianne Jan 18, 2016
I was late again and had to change my answer ...
Jan 18, 2016


Marianne Jan 18, 2016
I like the name Heather, which always reminded me of romantic moorlands. By the way, a friend here will certainly appreciate your choice; it is the national flower of Norway!
HegeMarie Feb 1, 2016
I didn't see this until now. Beautiful :-)
Marianne Feb 2, 2016
Thank you!
Marianne Jan 18, 2016

Indian Paintbrush


Castilleja coccinea

Jan 18, 2016


Marianne Jan 19, 2016
A beauty!
Jan 19, 2016
I like them
Marianne Jan 20, 2016
And their berries are quite interesting too - lol - for instance to spice certain dishes, or for Ginger and similar beverages.
Tiger Paws Jan 19, 2016


Marianne Tiger Paws Jan 19, 2016
Nice flowers and delicious fruits!
HegeMarie Jan 19, 2016
Lily of the Valley
Marianne HegeMarie Jan 19, 2016
They remind me of spring and of May 1st.
HegeMarie HegeMarie Jan 19, 2016
And we need to be reminded of that now :-)
Marianne HegeMarie Jan 20, 2016
Lol - don't worry, spring will come very soon. There are less than 3 weeks left till "Mardi Gras".
Jan 19, 2016


Marianne Jan 20, 2016
You were faster again - the flowers are beautiful!
Marianne Feb 1, 2016
The N was missing; I'll add the Narcissus flower:

(Narcissus poeticus)
Feb 1, 2016
Marianne Jan 19, 2016

Néré (Parkia biglobosa)image

HegeMarie Marianne Jan 20, 2016
Oh, wow!
Marianne Marianne Jan 22, 2016
It looks weird and exotic indeed, and this tree is very useful in local productions:
Darkest Serenity Marianne Feb 1, 2016
@ M  that is the most unusual Tree I have ever seen , looks like the Pom poms I used to make :)
I wonder if they're prickly or soft to the touch
Marianne Marianne Feb 1, 2016
Lol - good to see you here; I was again late ...

This amazing African plant species is also known as néré, and it is very useful:

You might like these weird species:
Darkest Serenity Marianne Feb 1, 2016
@ M   There Truly are some very unusual Plants in this World
I remember seeing this one on CSI , they were being grown to hide the smell of the Real Rotten Corpses decomposing :)

It's almost Alien like in it's size and why in the Hell would a Plant smell like a Dead Corpse ..........Bizarre
HegeMarie Marianne Feb 1, 2016
That flower is something else!
It smells that way to atract flies, which will get stuck on it's sticky surface and then consumed.
Very charming.
Marianne Marianne Feb 2, 2016
Lol - yes, maybe that Agatha Christie would have had such an idea in one of her crime stories, but probably with several smaller, tropical corpse flower species, which are flowering more often - here, it is the Titan Arum, or Amorphophallus titanum:

But it flowers very rarely!
Darkest Serenity Marianne Feb 2, 2016
@ Hege  It looks Carnivorous , it reminds me of Audrey II  lolz

Marianne Marianne Feb 5, 2016
Lol - great rhythm and funny horror - yes, I heard of the musical, and remember vaguely a black comedy movie from the 60ies!
HegeMarie Marianne Feb 5, 2016
That movie is fun, I think Audrey must have been inspired by that stinking flower.
Speaking of which; I just read about Ceratocaryum argenteum.
It's seeds looks and smells like pearls of animal dung. This fools dung beetles into carrying it away and bury it!
Plants can be so evil..
Marianne Marianne Feb 25, 2016

Lol - how interesting!

There is little information about this species, but I found a paper:

HegeMarie Marianne Feb 25, 2016

Yeah, I had never heard about it before either, but came across a short article right after we had discussed "Audrey", I just had to glue it in here :D

Marianne Marianne Apr 3, 2016


Marianne Apr 11, 2016


Tiger Paws Jan 20, 2016

image Orchids 

Marianne Jan 20, 2016



Jan 20, 2016
Marianne Jan 20, 2016

Rudbeckia (R. fulgida)


HegeMarie Jan 20, 2016

Skimmia japonica

Marianne Jan 22, 2016

Tulip tree


Liriodendron tulipifera

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