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What's the Oldest Profession?

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May 13 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Marianne (16,222 points)
edited May 13 by Marianne
Three friends, a surgeon, an architect and a politician, are sitting around a table and trying to find out which of their professions is the oldest.

The surgeon is convinced that his job is the oldest:
- "According to the Holy Bible, Eve was created after Adam underwent the ablation of one of his ribs." -

- The architect disagrees and replies:
- "No, my profession is older; the world was created from the Chaos, and there is no doubt that this is the job of an architect." -

The politician breaks into the discussion:
- "Wait a minute! Who, in your opinion, created the Chaos? -



Link: (translated)

2 Answers

Rooster May 13

:D :D :D 

Marianne Rooster May 13


TheOtherTink May 13

Wait a minute:O

Why would anyone ever be friends with a politician?

Oh, wait... the surgeon and architect must have wanted fat government grants.

Lol - they must be those with big incomes - you know, the "fashionable" ones ...


@ Marianne,

Yes, of course.  and 10% of the fat grant or contract goes back to the politician's campaign fund.


Lol (with a grin) - that is quite logical.

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