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Websites vs Social networks, which one do you like?

+4 votes
May 13 in Websites by Kninjanin (1,815 points)

websites 5 votes, 100%
social networks 0 votes

5 Answers

Rooster May 13

I don't have time much to mess with social networks but I do use a couple of websites,like this one occasionally now. Anyone I actually want to socialize with? I'll either call and talk to them on the phone or visit them. Going horseback riding today and will socialize plenty. In my opinion? Both social networks and websites are on the decline. A new one pops up and it's fun for a month or two and then shrivels up. Seen many go this route over the years.

Marianne May 13

That is a rather uneasy question, as the "attractiveness" of networks and websites depends much on the interests, preferences and aims - or hobbies of the users.

TheOtherTink May 13


I don't need to know every time someone goes to the bathroom. :D

Lol, T(h)ink - me neither.


Virginia May 13

Kninjanin, it's the websites for networks are people that I would rather keep in touch other ways: phone, in person, e-mail/snail mail. Plus, they seem to get hacked so often!

However Q/A websites, if operated in a certain way, you can actually learn so much; not only factual information but socialization/interpersonal skills, psychology and human behavior. And you don't even have to go out into the marketplace, you can do all this before breakfast, in your bathrobe!

* * *

Also since 2010 when I happened upon, about 85% of my book list has come from online suggestions, too, very fruitful there! I have left two websites recently because they were just not what I go online for, but I am glad to find Dan's because I would miss them now.

Ladyhorse Virginia May 14

Yes Virginia, the original used to be the best. There will never be another. 

Virginia Virginia May 15

Hi Ladyhorse, it is interesting you should say that...ASK was the first Q/A site I ever saw and for five years the only one...but yes, it was certainly a phenomenon!


Not much for either one. I do occasionally enjoy this type of site, but after moderating one for awhile, it gets old pretty quickly. Social media...forgetaboutit!

Angela, probably no one but Rooster will ever understand what you two endured in moderating that site...but just from what I saw, it gives anybody the willies! 

Yes, it's not something I'll ever do again...unless it's my own site and I make the rules! Mmwwhahahsha! :devil:

Well Rooster has mentioned the possibility Q/A sites might be dying out...if so, I think it is due at least in part to the moderation...which of course in turn from the people who make the rules.

I have to agree with him as even if there are rules in place, the moderators must use an even hand across the board to make them work....that seems to be lacking on most sites.

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