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First Indian Judge To Be Sentenced To Jail By Supreme Court

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May 17, 2017 in Politics & Government ✌ by Dan (5,067 points)

3 Answers

Virginia May 17, 2017

Hi Dan,

I know nothing about this event, but to me, it does not seem appropriate for the Supreme Court to take such a drastic action as six months in jail for contempt, for someone who was going to retire in a month anyway! 

TheOtherTink May 17, 2017

I never knew that Indian judges were appointed by the Indian Supreme Court itself.

It might have some advantages with regard to politicization, but on the other hand, it might be too much like a private club.

Virginia TheOtherTink May 17, 2017

Other Tink, it is easy to imagine a scenario where Justice Karnan truly does see corruption on the SC of India, and with so little time left before his own retirement he is just going all out to do what he can to expose it! (All that kinda based on what we know goes on in US politics...)

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink May 17, 2017

@ Virginia,

I've heard that corruption in many countries is even worse than in the US.

For example, I've heard that petty bureaucrats often expect a modest bribe to "grease the wheels" in obtaining a business license or things like that.

Virginia TheOtherTink May 17, 2017

O'Tink, all my life I have believed with absolute confidence just that...that in the US, there was less corruption than other countries, less greasing of palms and more truth justice liberty, for which we I am just not so sure anymore. :ermm:

Marianne May 18, 2017

A very strange case indeed!

I am wondering if the real problem was relating to the caste system and certain deep rooted ancient prejudicial rules and/or discriminating practices, which need to be adapted on judiciary, political and moral levels - which is very difficult in big countries with so many different cultures and languages.

With the rather upsetting news around elections, Brexit, migration, wars, etc., the general news media neglected quite a few preoccupying elements - but this might change very soon.

Virginia Marianne May 18, 2017

Marianne you are a fine researcher. The editorial was certainly critical of Karnan, and his obstreperous behavior goes back at least two years...

However, it would be interesting to know if he has been a renegade all his career, or if he began carrying on like this recently. Because, I myself have been in situations where even though I did not "lose it" like he has, still I know what the frustration feels like when someone is corrupt - as he accuses the SC.

The full story may never come out!

* * *

Dan, if you read this, tell us what YOU think?

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