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Who is your favorite youtuber and talented one?

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Sep 8, 2017 in Celebrities by Dan (5,336 points)

Do you think, you can star a Youtube channel and give a try?

5 Answers

Marianne Sep 8, 2017

Sorry, Dan, I can't make a pick - there are too many there and also lots of nice videos ...

Virginia Sep 8, 2017

Hi Dan, this is a appears that the "www" now works for me. Before, I was going in without the www. If you see this, then yes the www now works and the other way does not...

* * *

Yes! It posted so now to answer your Q, I have a couple of favourite channels that show film noir movies, such as someone who calls himself "The Smoking Hat." Also, I like to watch quantum theory things, and there are a few channels who do that rather well too!

Rooster Sep 8, 2017

Guess I'm like Marianne! When I have time? I can't seem to pick a favorite. Too many talented people out there. Some pretty funny ones too!

TheOtherTink Sep 9, 2017

I'm always finding new ones.. :)       

Dan TheOtherTink Sep 9, 2017

Is this really racist? or just for video?

Skunky Stinkerson Sep 26, 2017

My fave would have to be Cheeky Tam, she does taste test videos of food from around the world and she's hilarious and fun to watch.

Virginia Skunky Stinkerson Sep 26, 2017


I love it when you show up on this website occasionally, always glad to see your thoughts. I have never heard of Cheeky Tam, prolly now look her up...

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