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Too Big ?

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Oct 24 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Marianne (16,201 points)
A Texan farmer goes to Australia for a vacation.

There he meets an Aussie farmer and gets talking.
The Aussie shows off his big wheat field and the Texan says, "Oh! We have wheat fields that are at least twice as large".

Then they walk around the ranch a little and the Aussie shows off his herd of cattle. The Texan immediately says, " We have longhorns that are at least twice as large as your cows".

The conversation has, meanwhile, almost died when the Texan sees a herd of kangaroos hopping through the field.

He asks, "And what are those"?
The Aussie asks with an incredulous look, "Don't you have any grasshoppers in Texas"?



3 Answers

Rooster Oct 24

:D:D:D:D Excellent!!!!

Marianne Rooster Oct 24

Lol, Rooster - thank you for the compliment; this joke is really a discovery - and kangaroos look weird and cute, and they are among the fastest mammals of the world.

The dynamics of their bounces is amazing:



TheOtherTink Oct 24

Wait a minuteKangaroos are marsupials, not insects:O :angel: :) :D :D :D

Lol - they don't tell if the Aussie farmer managed to bluff the bragging Texan into thinking that these hopping creatures were insects.

As you said, there is always an explanation for everything - lol.


Virginia Oct 25

Marianne, I looked at the video you posted for Rooster...I was thinking what a strange evolutionary adaptation is the kangaroos' jumping. But the video claims that the hopping is MUCH more energy efficient that a horse cantering, for example, that is amazing!

Marianne Virginia Oct 25

Oh yes, Virginia, their jumping is amazing and, indeed, energy efficient.

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