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Happy Holidays to all! May everything be merry for you!

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Dec 22, 2017 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Rooster (10,796 points)


6 Answers

Marianne Dec 22, 2017

Thank you, Rooster, and the same to you!

And enjoy happy celebrations at "liver friendly" doses ...



TheOtherTink Dec 22, 2017

And to you and all, Rooster:)

Virginia TheOtherTink Dec 23, 2017

O'Tink you DO have a knack for finding lovely stuff on YouTube! Exquisitely beautiful the whole thing, and her voice is stunning spectacular.

Didge Dec 23, 2017

Thanks, Rooster. A merry Christmas right back at you and to all the Solvers. I'll be sure to visit more often in future. Happy New Year, too...


Rooster Didge Dec 23, 2017

@Didge: Great to see you! Hope to see you more often! Happy Holidays!

Virginia Dec 23, 2017

Well Rooster, I just have to put in here the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's MESSIAH...been listening to this each Christmas since it came out 2010, and now I notice it's up over 50 million hits! 

TheOtherTink Virginia Dec 23, 2017

Lovely:) <3

Marianne Dec 23, 2017

And a little musical contribution:

TheOtherTink Marianne Dec 23, 2017

Super:) <3

Virginia Marianne Dec 23, 2017

I loved them both, Marianne...and the Tchaikovsky brought back memories, because I danced to it in a snowflake costume in 1953 I think, in Marie Hanaan's dance studio, in the Old Willapa timber country! Oh it was a VERY big deal, all the rough-and-tumble loggers coming out to see their little daughters in the ballet recital...not one curse the whole night!

Marianne Marianne Dec 25, 2017

Oh, Virginia, that must have been like a wonderful fairy tale!


Marianne Marianne Dec 25, 2017

Thank you, T(h)ink. :)<3

Virginia Marianne Dec 26, 2017

Marianne, in Seattle it is a Christmas tradition to perform The Nutcracker...perhaps in many cities, the world over! ...and this ballerina is exquisite.

Marianne Marianne Dec 27, 2017

Lol, thank you, Virginia - yes, it seems to be a widespread tradition, it is also familiar on our side.


Marianne Marianne Dec 29, 2017

Lol, thank you, T(h)ink. :)<3

Rooster Dec 23, 2017

Wow! Thanks for all the great music! Really makes my morning great!  


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