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Do you think the massive surge of people from one country to another, even if unarmed, could be called an "invasion"?

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Jan 19, 2016 in Politics & Government ✌ by anonymous

No, I am not singling out any particular group. Just asking, if thousands of people are entering your country; how can that not be called an invasion?

13 Answers

TheOtherTink Jan 19, 2016

Well, I would say if it's done legally, and if the immigrants intend to learn the language, assimilate to the host country's culture, governing principles, etc., then it is not an invasion.

On the other hand, if the immigrants have no intention of assimilating, but on the contrary work to establish, say (to cite a random example), a theocracy whose tenets are inimical to the culture and governing principles of the host country, then yes, it IS an invasion, and countries that permit this to happen are committing suicide.

SIMPATTYCO TheOtherTink Feb 4, 2016
not exactly tink  no country can assimilate an enormous hoard of immigrants in a short space of time THAT IS AN INVASION
TheOtherTink TheOtherTink Feb 4, 2016
You're right, bu I was assuming above that as part of the LEGAL process, the numbers would be kept to reasonable and manageable levels.

Admittedly, considering the conflicted interests of the corrupt politicians of both parties, keeping the levels manageable might be asking too much of those scoundrels.
SIMPATTYCO TheOtherTink Feb 4, 2016
you are a gal after my own heart
TheOtherTink TheOtherTink Feb 4, 2016
Tee Quake TheOtherTink Feb 22, 2016

Hi SIMPATTYCO!:) Great to see you here!

SIMPATTYCO TheOtherTink Feb 22, 2016


Tee Quake TheOtherTink Feb 24, 2016

I've saturated FB private and secret SodaHead groups that sprung to life when Fef sold out, but I will certainly invite everyone I can think of! So glad YOU are here. When I saw YOU, CHARU, 56LADY, and others, it really sort-a felt like coming "home"!

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink Feb 24, 2016

Glad you're here too, Tee!   :)

Kharmeldove TheOtherTink Feb 10, 2017

Amen !!!!

Fuzzy Corona Jan 19, 2016

Not unless they're trying to take over the other state's government.

Fuzzy Corona Jan 19, 2016
Destabilizing the host country by draining resources?
Fuzzy Corona Fuzzy Corona Jan 19, 2016
Does not count. An invasion cannot be accidental.
Fuzzy Corona Jan 19, 2016
Oh, I'm quite certain this invasion is intentional.
Fuzzy Corona Fuzzy Corona Jan 19, 2016
On what do you base that?
Fuzzy Corona Jan 20, 2016
When bands of roaming rapists stand in the way of the cops and yell, "We're from Syria, you should be nice to us." I cannot help but call it intentional.
Fuzzy Corona Fuzzy Corona Jan 20, 2016
Ok, but when has that ever happened, and even if it did how the hell would you know they were telling the truth?
Fuzzy Corona Jan 20, 2016
The cops in Bologne reported this. When it comes to ANYONE's word vs one of them, I'll believe the other person.
Tee Quake Fuzzy Corona Feb 22, 2016

Of course their goal is to takeover the world. CALIPHATE??? Read a Qur'an, lately? They're trying to takeover other COUNTRY'S GOVERNMENTS! What do you mean by saying, "STATE"? Sounds a little too much like politically correct mishmash!

Ravin local Jan 19, 2016

Yes, actually I do. 

Marianne Jan 19, 2016

If referring to the lexical definitions, "invasion" has many interpretations.

The origin of the word "invasion" and the verb "invade", i.e. Latin invadere = to go, come, or get into, etc. (in = in, into, etc. and vadere = to go, to walk, etc.), invasion has many different definitions, whether positive or negative, unfair or abusive, productive or wasteful.

If referring to history, military invasions and human migration occurred since very ancient times:

Marianne Jan 19, 2016
A massive movement by people into another area, even if unarmed, destabilizes the region being overwhelmed.
Marianne Marianne Jan 19, 2016
History showed that many times ...
Marianne Feb 24, 2016

@Tee Quake  While you are right, I think she got the point I was making already.

Marianne Marianne Feb 25, 2016

Thank you, Gun. I am not belittling things, but there are matters which are too toxic to start to fight about.

And in this case, I would prefer to stick to linguistics, and not to the extreme violence of human history, whatever the side or belief.

In case of invasion, the problems arise with overpopulation and incompatibility of interests.

Freeranger Jan 19, 2016

It doesn't have to be under arms to be an invasion. 

Freeranger Jan 19, 2016
SIMPATTYCO Feb 3, 2016

It is an invasion if they are uninvited and illegally entering

SIMPATTYCO Feb 4, 2016
BINGO! We have a winner!
Tee Quake SIMPATTYCO Feb 22, 2016

Invasion and it's already HERE, too!

SIMPATTYCO Feb 22, 2016

shadow76 Feb 22, 2016

Yes it is an invasion.

Tee Quake Feb 22, 2016

DAMN RIGHT it IS an INVASION. Cleverly conceaedimage to look like a plea for "hard to resist humanitarian aid"; especially when Pope Francis chimes in, in favor, and Obama uses the FORMER "authority" of the United States Office of the President (before he destroyed any credibility), to try and add some credence to the devilish plot. I'm no fool; of course there were many desperate refugees invading the EU, but there were also many Islamic radical fascists (many from IS), using the invasion of the EU to get "operatives" in place. Obama is trying to bring those Muslim fascists to the US under the same guise. When will Americans see Obama for the anti-Christian person, he really is? Proof? OKAY; why are Syrian Christians, ALSO facing genocide from IS (and MANY others), who would have a much higher likelihood of assimilating the American culture, practically being COMPLETELY DENIED asylum, while Syrian Muslims, of questionable repute and practically guaranteed to reject assimilation into our culture and reject our Constitution for their sharia law, being FAST TRACKED FOR ASYLUM BY THE OBAMA REGIME BY THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS??? There's JUST one answer; MAObama is trying to DE-CHRISTIANIZE the United States by flooding it with Muslims and illegal aliens who won't even learn English. The US has no business allowing foreign immigrants with no special work skills to invade, especially ILLEGALLY, when so many Americans are unemployed. Simple common sense and logic dictate the TRUTH!

icono1 Feb 25, 2016

In the case of the Muslims 'running' to Europe to get away from the violence in their country, I have reason to believe this to be an invasion.  Even though their reasons for fleeing conflict may seem legit to us, the Muslims have a 'duty' to lie to the infidel to hide their true purposes when the Muslim is 'outnumbered' or feels that they are in a dangerous position socially.  In this case, only the Muslims in question know for sure.  However, after reading about the multiple rapes in European countries that have taken in a large number of Muslims, and seeing how the rape of an infidel woman is seen in the Muslim world view as a form of humiliating and breaking the spirit of their infidel enemies, then I have to say the invasion is on. To me the proof is in the putting.  Also the significant number of religious related attacks by the Muslims on the people of Europe over 'protecting the Image of Allah' or to teach the kaffir(a conquered unbeliever) a lesson  on showing respect to the ruling Muslim population and the prophet Mohammad.

Roy Munson Mar 20, 2016


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