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A Pampered pup or a big fat lazy house cat.
Didge Echooos

My dog would definitely approve of this answer. She's spoiled rotten.

Echooos Echooos

 I know tha dog You're talking about


I'd rather be a wild animal, far away from human intrusion - maybe a bear or a big cat.

TheOtherTink Marianne

Sounds good, but being a big cat in the wild might have its drawbacks.  :O


"I just ate Bambi... I'm so ashamed."  :D

Didge Marianne

Powerful beasties, bears. You'd be king -- or queen -- of the forest. :)

Marianne Marianne


Lol - maybe that I would have to switch to the elephant or the rhino, if the bear "alternative" is too carnivorous. :D

Marianne Marianne


Lol - maybe - as a bear :angel::).

Marianne Marianne


Lol - you are right, there is indeed a problem - what a shame!


Marianne Marianne

Yes, they are, as long as wildlife and its natural habitat can be preserved.




Probably one of my old man's Hounds ! He treats them like family and spoils them rotten. He's not taking losing his last one recently too well. I'd just get my ass in trouble if I started saying what animals would suit some people here. I don't know most of you. I'll have to wait and ask my Dad who is who ! I know one that used to be on here that would make a good Sloth ! 


TheOtherTink Hitman

I had something more like this in mind for him... :)


Rooster Hitman

:D :D:D

Didge Hitman

What an interesting idea for a question. What animal would each contributor come back as? Hmm. I'd get my ass kicked, too. 

I compared the two photographs. He wears his hair longer than yours. Well, taller anyway. But his stops under his nose and yours continues under the chin. (Shaving is such an unnatural habit, don't you think?)

Corey The Goofyhawk

Of course, I'd be Red Tailed Hawk flying high and free above the trees. I picture you as a kangaroo for some reason, lol.

Didge Corey The Goofyhawk

I have the tail feather of a red tailed hawk pinned up on my photo wall in front of the computer. Yosey sent it to me. Beautiful birds.

They're  beautiful birds Corey. I have a nesting pair that's been hanging around my place for the last 4 years or so. I've seen some younguns around too but they make their way off in the world eventually.  

Both of you are quite lucky! We have one or two flying around our walking trail in a rare occasion.


I'd come back as a pizza turtle.

Image result for pizza turtle

Didge Ancient_Hippy

Scared the bejesus out of me, Hippy. I thought that was your ex. 

Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy

Oh c'mon Didge, you know that she's not as good looking as that turtle.

Mountain Man

A black bear would work for me since they're omnivores. I like a salad with my steak. Then I'd get to take a long nap in winter.

Didge Mountain Man

I like that idea for a nap. In fact, the last year or two I've been nodding off after lunch, if only for 20 minutes or so. 

Mountain Man Mountain Man

Naps seem to be sneaking up on me once in awhile. Especially in winter. No sense in fighting it. 


A bird of prey and I'd poop on in-laws and cars  Image result for bird pooping on cars and people The ex would be pooped on everyday.


Dear Didge,

I think you already know mine...we talked about this before?

it is the Turritopsis dohrnii...the immortal jellyfish, found in the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Japan. Whenever it begins to feel sickish or a bit long in the tooth, it simply pulls some kind of string and reverts to its juvenile form. Starts the process of growing up all over again, in theory can live forever!