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Darkest Serenity

As far as I know , Catholic's Believe the Devil enters thru the Head and this may be an act of sending the Devils thoughts and influence over these Children of his Parish away.

I don't see this as Cruelty but know from a very Close Friend that they really can be. :angry: and I'm talking about him suffering Real Cruelty as a Young Boy :'( Broke my Heart listening to him. 


I hope Pope Francis reprimands this priest.


I don't know. Maybe he is crazy.

I would say there is something going on, other than what the person who originally posted the video (not amberleechoo), wants us to think.

They showed the line with parents leading their kids up for this. If this was actually the abuse we are supposed to believe it is, I doubt any parent would lead their child to the abuser.

Darkest Serenity
@ Gun   did not edit , just clicked wrong button  :)

I totally agree with you and as I said I don't think it's an Act of Abuse that we are seeing on this vid
Just another one of those, "SEE! SEE?! I TOLD YA!"moments.

nice deviation from the head slaps with that childs kick in the ass  huh?  I'm thinking if I saw my child treated like that I'd be slapping the shit of his sin.....

Darkest Serenity Freeranger
@ FR  I must admit , if another Adult lays one Finger on my Girl , even just to grab her Arm ........I do warn them to Back off , or they'll be dealing with me.

Even my own Loved ones who were brought up with Discipline such as the Cane have been told "you do not touch her, if you tell her off" and they did take heed my warning  thankfully