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Seems congenial here, with thoughtful informed answers, lots of good humour. I do notice several members from Blurtit who came for a while and then left, maybe going back to Blurt, now that they are cleaning up their spam?

I myself really tried to stay on AnswerMug, but it got just so profane, obscene...or at least lurid, prurient, lewd, salacious...risqué is fine and I even enjoy that...but all the gratuitous stuff was really overwhelming the site.

My problem here on I'veSolved so far is that my browser is too old to upload any images. But why is it that lots more people do not come here, and stay?

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* I wanted to link this Q to a previous one, 


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Like Serenity said, this site was once really busy and then it seemed like most kind of wandered off. Lot's of blurtit and sodahead members here but I rarely see many. I think the blurtit members have just decided to stay on there and that might be because of me but I couldn't really tell you as I don't talk to any of them. This can be a really fun site and there are some great members here whom I really like. Have patience and hopefully it will pay off in time.

Virginia Rooster

I am thinking to do just that, Rooster, to have some patience here...I don't really care too much to be on more than one site at a time...takes time from the day to make a quality reply, also ask questions and then attend to responses...

Darkest Serenity

Hey Virginia :)  Dan is a friend of mine from a site called Sodahead and SH kicked us to the kerb in June 2015 when Fef pulled the plug on the whole site. Many went over to FB but friends like Dan created these sites for us (he's created a few btw) but this is by far one of his best and we joined Ihavesolved in late Dec 2015.    

Sodahead members also found another site that June , as did I and that site I'm actually a Super moderator on there now. Am irite's keep me busy but I do like to come over and see Marianne and Tink and Rooster because Bless em they really try to keep this site kicking and they welcome every new member like yourself. 

Also I come to chat with Dan.

No comment on the behavior over on A/M , we have history that I'd rather forget and that includes the  Administrator. 

Virginia Darkest Serenity

Hi again Serenity,

Someone suggested Amarite...but I think maybe I went there once when I was still raw from AnswerMug, and I immediately ran into profanity and gross stuff...I am 72 y/o and not up to much of that...I just clicked out and never went back...

Maybe Amarite is not like that generally?

@ Virginia .........it has calmed down considerably on there since last year but the only way you will see that for yourself is to pop over and say "hello" :) a few of my friends are in their 60's -70's , doesn't really register until they say something like  "my Bones are aching more than usual today Ser"  

and I'll say something cheeky like  "well you are past the Sanatogen for 60's stage , best get the DW40 out for your joints"  :P  lolz

Also we do have a Profanity filter that is optional for you to use.

Virginia Darkest Serenity

Serenity, I will prolly look closer at a-rite eventually...based on your encouragement, you obviously like it...

About the profanity? Well sometimes profanity can be done with a lightness and beauty, however I find that too often it just reflects a dense, dark close-down mindset that does not go away no matter how good the filters may be...and I did spend that ten seconds there just after giving up on aMug...I was doubtless overly sensitive then, and SOLVE seemed wonderful.

Anyway thanks for the suggestion...I will do it!

@ Virginia ......I'll be sure to come say 


and see how you're getting on


Many people do not know that this website exists.

Virginia Kninjanin

That is probably a huge reason for the slow traffic, Kninjanin. Sometimes only one or two questions per day, I notice!


There is not much I could add; Serenity told the whole story.

Actually, every community, whether small or big, is exposed - at certain moments - to conflicts, lesser activity, slow reactions, technical problems, and, of course, to attacks by trolls, pranksters, spams and scams, but it is, in general, easier to maintain peace on smaller sites, as far as their administration does a good job.

I think that things improved lately, and it is really nice here and also on Amrt. As I was already on too many other sites, including professional contacts, I could not join Blrt. and Anmg - lol; time is much too short to deal with more than 4 - 5 sites - and there is always some correspondence waiting.

Virginia Marianne

Thank you, Marianne...this is a nice site, I hope it grows and there are lots of people who appreciate this kind of tone on a Q/A site!

Marianne Marianne


You are speaking right to my heart, Virginia. <3:)


I completely forgot this site even existed before today. I'll be honest why I "wandered off". It was because the site started getting really slow. I can't deal with slow websites, it's frustrating and it makes me just want to leave. Now it seems to be working at the right speed, but back then, it slowed way down and I lost patience with it and left and then forgot about it. I know it's not easy to keep a site running but that's unfortuante what happens--you lose members when people feel like the site isn't working right.

Virginia HeyCameron!

Very glad you are here now, Cameron...it's my third day, or maybe even four now!

Oh, then you were on Blurt? I was thinking maybe it was Ask.com where I was remembering you...

Rooster HeyCameron!

Welcome back Cameron! I remember you from buttit. Good to see you! :)

Dan HeyCameron!

WB, how you doing :)

The exclamation mark "!" in you name makes your profile page to look different than others.

HeyCameron! HeyCameron!

@Virginia Yeah I found out about this site from Blurtit. I found out about Blurtit from Yahoo Answers. Just kinda checking out all the Q&A sites :)

@Rooster Good to see you too :) I recognize some of the names here.

@Dan Really? I'll see what that's about. I think I need to update my profile because I haven't been on here in almost a year :O

Marianne HeyCameron!

Welcome back, Cameron.



Maybe the people running the site are not publicizing or advertising it?
Maybe dominant search engines are not giving them favorable rankings, preferring to lead people toward their own preferred social media sites?
People can help with the latter problem, by the way, by using less invasive/domineering search engines, e.g. Startpage.com, DuckDuckGo.com, to find stuff on the Internet.

Virginia Starchild

Starchild, I remember on Ask.com they actually had their own search engine, starting out as AskJeeves...there was a constant feed of new participants, coming and going with many more-or-less permanent participants. I enjoy this site SOLVED and would like to see it grow...

...and meanwhile, I will check out those search engines you mention, I had never heard of them!


I'm not sure... there used to be a lot more members, but many have drifted away. :(

Virginia TheOtherTink

Other Tink, you know after being here on SOLVED a couple months now...I don't even think about this site being larger any more, the quality of answers/questions being quite good, so that I wouldn't even have any more time for a larger site...

Things always develop so much drama on other sites, Rooster and Angela did such great moderating on the "other" site, and got nothing but trouble for their work...quality moderation seems to be a huge problem.

Or else like Ask.com and apparently SodaHead too, they decide they could get more money elsewise and shut people off. So idk, maybe Solved is just what it needs to be, at least for the present moment....?