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Yeah sometimes

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Yeah, it's ok, unless it's without my permission or knowledge.

So I'm careful to pull down the shades.   :-)

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Most of the time when others take photos of me they usually don´t look that good I think. Not really like I want them atlaest.

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I have no problems with it.

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Strike a pose   :)  lolz 

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I do not, ever, under any circumstances; like to have my picture taken.


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If a friend or family member takes a photo to capture the moment is fine.

However I find it very unerving and creepy and annoyed to know men have taken photos of me candidly, even though I have no problem taking photos of other girls to fantasize about..

I do not like being photographed nude at all, but I have no say in that..

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Yes but not on my camera since they would always take intense amounts of photos and I had to waste money by developing a roll of film with the same pictures on it

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