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Fuzzy Corona

The same as my opinion on people in general I suppose, since Eurasians compose most of them

To be perfectly honest, I usually don't.

When I do, it's no better or worse than any other person on the planet, and always based on the individual.


I think many of them are unique looking and I don´t see so many Eurasians like me here in my country. Like I get extra excited when i find out that a celeb is a hapa/Eurasian.


By "Eurasian" you mean like Europeans of Asian/Turkic descent?

amberleechoo HeyCameron!

No I mean Half Asian and Half European people.

HeyCameron! HeyCameron!

Oh, okay. In that case I'm not sure. I only know one half-Asian guy and he's just like any other guy. Some people actually have thought I was part-Asian because of my eyes, but it's just a result of my Greek and Romanian heritage. 


I have a favorable opinion of Eurasians.


The ones I've known are all cool.  :)


To me generally speaking, all people look good laying vulnerable with a toe tag attached..