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Have someone ever thought you were fake?

+4 votes
Mar 9, 2016 in Internet by amberleechoo (19,060 points)


yes 6 votes, 67%
no 3 votes, 33%
undecided 0 votes

7 Answers

Didge Mar 10, 2016

Oh yeah, every day.

Most people on line think I'm an old geezer with a grey beard and a bald head, but it ain't so. I'm really a 25 year old hunk who made millions with a company and drives a Ferrari. I actually borrowed my grandfather's photograph so I could come on line without being propositioned by thousands of swooning young women.

Fame and fortune can be such a curse. :(

TheOtherTink Didge Mar 10, 2016

Not to worry, Didge... your secret is safe with me.

Marianne Didge May 31, 2016

Lol - you made my day, Didge! :D:D 

76May Mar 10, 2016

Yes.  Looking back on specific circumstances, I understand now they were dealing with their own hang ups and were not considering certain attitudes of their own or my age and the immaturity that that can entail.

amberleechoo Mar 10, 2016

It has happened when I videchatted a few times and now once in Facebook. He was sure first I was fake just because I said I didn't have Skype I think until I proved it through a videochat.

Dan amberleechoo Mar 10, 2016

They want to videochat with you. Thats why they call you fake.

Suyanto Tirta Mar 11, 2016

not for me, but for some people yes

Tyto alba (redux) May 29, 2016

Yeah.  A person who has never met me told me I get "brave on the internet".  But those who know me online and off say I'm completely the same.  Just  because you don't like me doesn't mean it's unreal. Bahahaha

Hitman Tyto alba (redux) May 29, 2016

I've found over the years that 99% of the people who act "tough" online are usually kids that wish they were tough. Not liking you doesn't have anything to do with it. It's how you present yourself online that really matters. I don't know you but I can see that you have that "tough guy" attitude. Kind of childish to me.

That's the issue.  I don't "Act tough" on the internet or offline.  If being in an argument about stuff on the news is what makes someone seem like they're "acting tough" then yes,   I get in arguments about the same stuff offline as well.  
Literally, though,  who even are you?  What's kind of childish to me is impersonating agent 47.  That's a loss of reality.

As long as we're talking about first impressions.

Hitman Tyto alba (redux) May 31, 2016

Maybe you don't, I don't really know for sure. But after reading a couple of your answers and comments, that's the first impression that I got.

Impersonating an owl isn't childish? It's just a username and profile. I didn't come here to meet people but just to answer and ask a few questions from time to time.

You can read my profile and see who I am pretty much. I'm much closer to "agent 47" than you'll ever know.


Marianne May 31, 2016

Yes, two or three times, as far as I remember, by certain much too inquisitive people, who did not respect the privacy of users, their family and friends, and that on several big communities.


Kninjanin Feb 22, 2017

It has never happened.

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