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Yes, once or twice, but they realized they were wrong when I turned around and looked at them. :D

"Oh, sorry, thought you were someone else." 


Thank you for your answer, (who ever you are lol)

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Someone I have known for years called me Steve the other day.

I’m not Steve,


Thank you for your answer.

I had a neighbor who's name is Kenny. So one day I saw him in his yard and called to him "hay Ken".

Ken is also my name.

He turned around and said my name is KENNY NOT KEN. I said well my name is Kenneth and people stopped calling me Kenneth when I was 10 so grow up. He hasn't talked to me in the last three years. Not my loss but his.

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An Albanian called me Safet.

The Albanian must have thought you are a good person.

"Safet name meaning is Best part or pure. Safet is a Muslim boy name and it is a Turkish originated name."