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1.  So many cheap products are sold there

2.  Some of the customers look so unkempt

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Well we don´t ahve Walmart here sadly. I been there a few times before when I went to US though.

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1.  The six mile hike to find one item.

2.  The 45 minute wait in line at the register to buy that item.

I try my level best to NOT shop at Walmart.  Screaming kids, rowdy teenagers, indifferent staff, cheap plastic crap, and 50 freaking registers with only 3 cashiers.  If I can't find what I need at Kmart or the grocery store, I'll order it from Amazon before I go to Walmart.

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I never leave not being pissed off so I try to never go at all.

1. Mostly, it's the other shoppers that piss me off either by walking too slow and/or not getting out of the way.

2. Rude staff.

Bonus: Insane lines.   

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