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Obama is a Muslim -- True! He attended a Muslim Madrassa when he was growing up in Indonesia. 

Obama hates white people -- True! He called the Cambridge police "stupid" for arresting Professor Gates, even while admitting that he didn't know what had happened. 

Obama hates Christians -- True! His response to ISIS atrocities was to whine about the Crusades and the Inquisition. 

Obama hates America -- True! He is a buddy of the Weather Underground unrepentant terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. 

Obama is a Traitor -- True! because he supports the invasion of america by millions of illegals. 

Obama is a Racist -- True! because he supports affirmative action, the govt mandated persecution of white people.

Obama is a homosexual -- True! Michelle Obama is Michael LaVaughn Robinson. He was Barracks college roommate. Google the name and end your disbelief. The "daughters" were hand picked orphans from Morocco.  

Obama is pure evil -- True! This is Obama's legacy, destroying our economy, destroying our health care system, destroying our victory in Iraq, destroying the Middle East, destroying the military, destroying our relationship with Israel, and destroying our prestige in the world. 

Obama is guilty of multiple counts of treason, and I'm angry as hell that NONE of our worthless elected criminals have stood up to do their jobs and impeach the scum!

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President Obama is a wonderful President.

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Is it really time to acknowledge that NOW?  Obama has served the U.S. quite well since 2008 and has only about six months left in his second term. I wish to hell we could force him to serve a third term, no disrespect to Hillary, our next Commander in Chief.

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Uh oh. .someone spoke their mind and stated a fact that a Black man can do a horrible job..remember this. .you dumb c*nt liberals. . Facts don't give a f*ck about your feelings

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