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How to put this sidebar in a website or blog?

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Jul 12, 2016 in Internet by Steven (4,081 points)

1 Answer

Dan Aug 16, 2016

Sorry for the late reply, just go to your dashboard > click on the settings on the top right corner and you can find there whether matched content is available or not for your site. It has to be available for your site since its really big.


Steven Dan Aug 16, 2016

Hi Dan.
Thanks for your answer.
Do you know any alternative to do something similar?

I would like to add links from other sites.

Dan Dan Aug 16, 2016

You can try and it worked well for my blogger blogs but it had some problem for wordpress when i try it. You can also create your own it if you know coding. You can also try native ads. You can try outbrain, taboola, revcontent, nrelate... and use which works best for your site.

Steven Dan Aug 16, 2016

Thanks, Dan. =)

Dan Dan Aug 16, 2016

You are welcome.

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