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Justice has been served.

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Forty years seems harsh for aggravated assault, considering that 2nd degree murder in Georgia is punished with only 1 to 30 years in prison.



O'Tink, I did not take time to research this but am wondering if it fell under the harsher penalties for hate crime? 

When I was in Iowa, there were  authentic "hate crimes" that were purposely downgraded/look the other way so that the perpetrators would NOT receive those longer, tougher sentences...

As to whether "justice was served," well overall I am not all that impressed with the efficacy of the US justice and penal systems. So I am "just sayin,' " however not really advocating for the fairness of the sentence. :ermm:  :'(


There were no hate-crime laws on the books in Georgia at the time, Virginia, so maybe the judge felt pressured to impose the maximum penalty for aggravated assault/battery.  But I still find it very strange that the maximum for aggravated assault/battery is greater than the maximum for 2nd-degree murder in Georgia.


And it says at the end of the article that the FBI had opened a hate-crime investigation.  Seems like PC piling on to me.  :wassat:


ima try to open your link...in any case, your suggestion of "pc-piling-on" is all too likely!

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