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The mayors of New York, Paris and London co-wrote (or co-ghostwrote) this opinion piece, which in an earlier edition contained the phrase, "In our experience, militant violence is vanishingly rare.”


An Editor's Note at the end of the piece claims, "Because of a miscommunication, the phrase, which was added by an editor, was published without final approval of the authors."

So the Times seems to be in the business of adding material without "final approval," or, more likely, it is falling on its sword after the fact to protect the authors, since the phrase probably raised a justified storm of derision for its stupidity.


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I would have doubts too ...

Many cases of violence still go unreported.

Certain mentalities did not evolve sufficiently toward more positive attitudes, while certain methods of toxic, psychological coercion, hate-mongering, the creation of artificial demand and/or some kind of collective "exaggeration" evolved. Everything is becoming "ultra" and/or biased!

All the conflicting sides are using more or less dubious methods or "tools" and too few have the time to deepen into real facts.

Helping people in need is one aspect, but prevention of crimes and violence is another one, and turning a blind eye to all the misery or "witch-hunting" an additional point:






Unfathomable cruelty again at work. 


Well said! That is the very expression: "unfathomable" - and ruthless.

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