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Would you people mind if I tried to bring back some former users here?

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Dec 15, 2016 in Suggestions by Rooster Cogburn (27 points)

Blurtit members that used to be here but left because of someone. I've been telling them he is no longer here. Like to see this site built back up ! 

4 Answers

Dan Dec 15, 2016
Rooster Cogburn Dan Dec 15, 2016

Hello Dan. I had to make a new account and my password didn't work on the second try so I sent for a new one. Can I just use that one you sent or do I have to change to another? Sorry, haven't been here a while.

Didge Dec 15, 2016

Fine by me, Rooster. The more the merrier. :)

Skip Skip Didge Dec 16, 2016
As long as they're members who can get along :) 
Skip Skip Dec 16, 2016

Bring back all the people who don't like to argue. 

Rooster Skip Skip Dec 18, 2016

That's exactly why I left blurtit Skip. I visit here and there and that's about it. I've only mentioned this site to a few nice people and some more will come back around but there are a few that I sure do want to get away from.

Marianne Dec 17, 2016

An excellent idea, Rooster, thank you.

I hope that some of my lost SH friends will turn up.


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