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Which is good? Braintree vs Stripe. I want to receive and send payments to my employees in Europe and USA from India. The traditional way to send the payment is through the paypal account but there are many services for sending the payment in low cost than paypal. I want to know which of the following allows people to send money to international countries for very cheap rate. Stripe vs paypal? Which one can I give a try among paypal, payoneer, payza, skrill, paymate, ccavenue, ebs, payu western union and wire transfer. Can I try stripe vs braintreePlease suggest me the cheap one which charges the low transfer fee.
Paypal 4 votes, 57%
Payoneer 3 votes, 43%
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I use Payoneer for all my business transactions, it usually costs less than the Paypal fees.Payoneer doesn't charge any fees for transfering money in between the payoneer accounts and it will charge only around $3 when you receive the money to your bank account. Paypal is the wide used system but now most merchants has started using the Payoneer.

Fees charged by various online payments systems:-

Loading money into Paypal account from bank account fees = Free / no charge.

Loading money into Payoneer account from bank account = Free / no charge

Loading money into Payza account from bank account = Free / no charge

Loading money into Skrill account from bank account = Free / no change

Paying with Paypal = Free / no charge

Paying with Payoneer = Free / no charge

Paying with Payza = Free / no charge

Paying with Skrill = Free / no charge

Receiving money to Paypal account (business transactions) = Paypal charges 1.9% to 2.9% + USD $0.30

Receiving money to Paypal account from family members using Paypal = Paypal charges 2.9% if money comes from credit/debit card, free if it comes from Paypal account or Paypal bank account.

Receiving money to Payoneer account from Payoneer = Free / no charge

Transfering money from Paypal to bank account = Free (USD $1.50 charge for a physical check withdrawal)

Transfering money from Payoneer to bank account = Around USD $3 charged


Use Paypal for bellow $100 transactions

Use Payoneer for above $100 transactions

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I heard that the Payoneer services are banned in India by the reserve bank of India.
The ban has been lifted and only the Payoneer card is currently banned in India but the Payoneer card will work in other countries as usual.
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There is a one called WePay which seems to work really good.

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Paypal is very good


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Paypal, by


I heard of Western Union, but don't really know anything about it,

What is a Wire Transfer, again?

I don't know anything about the others.

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