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How do you add pictures to your answer?

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Dec 25, 2016 in Doubts by Tiger Paws (1,832 points)

7 Answers

Skunky Stinkerson Dec 25, 2016

I've been trying to figure that out too.

Tiger Paws Skunky Stinkerson Dec 25, 2016

Maybe someone will come along and tell us Skunky!!

Merry Christmas!

Rooster Dec 25, 2016

You right click on the picture and use "Copy Image Address" and then enter it into the image box that's shown in your answer area. The colored one that says "Add Image". Pretty easy. 

For videos, you just copy the video link and paste it on the answer area and it comes up.

Tiger Paws Rooster Dec 25, 2016

Thank you Rooster!

But I'm on a phone.

Skunky Stinkerson Dec 25, 2016


Rooster Skunky Stinkerson Dec 25, 2016

I will Skunky ! I sure will.

the site sucked. nice layout and format though.
Rooster Skunky Stinkerson Dec 26, 2016

I looked at it and it seemed to be mostly kids.

xix Dec 25, 2016
Mountain Man Dec 25, 2016

I'm waiting to find out too Tiger. I'm also on a phone. On the other site I would do a screenshot then go into my files and retrieve it. I don't know how to paste and copy links on a phone. That's why I never posted videos on the other site. 

Tiger Paws Mountain Man Dec 26, 2016

I'm in the same boat Mountain Man! I can't do the copy/paste stuff.

TheOtherTink Mountain Man Dec 26, 2016

It seems not to be very easy from a phone, but it can be done.

The best suggestion I can make is to google "copying links on iphone" (or android or galaxy or whatever), and you will get a bunch of hits that will tell you how to do it for your particular phone and browser.

I've never used a phone for that purpose, so no guarantees.  :unsure:

Rooster Mountain Man Dec 26, 2016

Here's how to copy a link from the address of the Safari web browser on you iPhoneor iPad. The procedure is simple and straight forward: Open the Safari and go to the webpage of your choice. Tap briefly on the link you want to copy > Select All.

iOS - How to copy a link from the address bar of Safari -

Tiger Paws Mountain Man Dec 26, 2016

Thank you 

I'll go take a look! 

Rooster Mountain Man Dec 26, 2016

Good luck. If you can't get it to work, let me know and I'll find out how for you.

Happy2 BeHere2 Mountain Man Dec 27, 2016

I got it.  :) (Cool!  The emoji popped up automatically!)

 Let me know if you need help.


Mountain Man Mountain Man Dec 27, 2016

Thanks I'll give it a shot. 

Happy2 BeHere2 Dec 27, 2016

Hi guys!  My first question here.  I'm on an iPad.


I did it!  I think.  

Click/touch the image you like.  

When that image is big, there should be three vertical dots.  Click them.

Choose "View Original Image."

The same pic will pop up with the URL you need to copy and paste.  Just tap the web address at the top to highlight it.  (Sometimes it will ask you to "Select All" to highlight it.)

Choose "Copy."  

That's what you pop in to your answer.

Rooster Happy2 BeHere2 Dec 27, 2016

Hi Ya Happy ! Good to see you !  :D

Happy2 BeHere2 Happy2 BeHere2 Dec 27, 2016

Hi !!  Turns out, I had an account here I forgot about.  Dork Happy!  :P

Marianne Dec 27, 2016

May I add a list of the most known image sharing websites?

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