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I'd like the view a real estate agent photoshopped for the sale of a neighbouring home. Beautiful, peaceful, bushland ... and the railway line just outside his kitchen window had completely disappeared. 

Nah, if I had my druthers I'd have a seascape. Always changing. Always fascinating.

TheOtherTink Rooster

Does she lie there all day, or do she and her friends do shifts?  :)

Rooster Rooster

The shifts would be nice ! Nice view though !  :angel:

Mountain Man

I'm happy with the view I have now. Especially in winter with no leaves on the trees and the view of the mountain top to my Southeast out front of my house and out back is the mountain top to my Northwest. If I could change anything, there would be a lake out front. But then I wouldn't be on top. 


I'd go with mountains, as long as they don't get too fierce.  :)


Skunky Stinkerson

a view of a volcano.

The picture I posted above is of Tungurahua in Ecuador.  I saw it as a kid from the nearby town of Baños, but it wasn't erupting then.  :) 

Tungurahua means "tongue of fire" in Quechua (an Inca langauge).


A bit more nature, like trees, shrubs, a lake, gardens - with the seasonal changes - instead of many houses - lol.