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I noticed a Chinese scammer aaa jjjj on Blurtit.

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Tiger Paws

How can you not see them?


Damn! I'm glad I didn't ever join that site. From what I've been hearing? It's a mess. My Dad was a good Mod from what I hear.

Didge Hitman

He had an incredible touch. The owner should have left it alone an let him run it. 


 Blurtit has definitely gone down the crapper since rooster left as moderator, Blurtit it is now a free-for-all for spammers and trolls, blurtit is now a shithole!!!

Rooster Echooos

You and Hitman are going to get along great Echooos ! Like Father? Like Son! :D :D

Echooos Echooos

If he's anything like you were going to get along just fine. hopefully he got his good looks from his daddy

Hitman Echooos

I don't know about that but I did inherent being an asshole like him!  :D

Skunky Stinkerson

its getting so bad on there. i find it sad that the Admins are quick to delete the legit stuff but super slow to delete the real problem.. 

Rooster Skunky Stinkerson

They delete almost all of my answers trying to get me to quit. But I'm hoping in the next couple of months to put up a nice site where people can enjoy themselves again. We're working on it when we have time. Been looking at the layouts on other sites for ideas.

blurtit is becoming low- doing that to you.. their BS and how they don't care about their user base is  starting to show.. shame that a nice site is becoming like that!! im nearly about to call it quits on there and just stick with Answermug.. until they start Fkcing up too lol..


It's hard not to notice them. Once I had to wade through three pages to find a decent legitimate question. After awhile they are gone however it seems only one person is manning the site. So if that person has finished his or hers 8 or 12 hour shift the user are out of luck till next shift. Blurtit is a great community of users and many are extremely disappointed.

Rooster AncientOne

Rachel(DS narfolk) has no real shift. She only comes on when it's convenient for her. Angela and I used to do 90% of her job.


I could not join "Blurtit", or several other, similar communities, which were mentioned repeatedly, as I am already on too many other sites.


Rooster Marianne

You sure didn't miss anything Marianne!

Marianne Marianne


Lol - maybe that this is better.