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I see many spammers on Blurtit.

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I just used the site a little today and I didn't see any spam. They should use good anti-spam tools to control them.


I haven't seen any, because I have only looked at Blurtit once or twice.


I was told yesterday that they finally got a decent Mod now and that's helping but in order for new members to sign in? You have to join Facebook now.

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Hi Rooster, 

So, do you think all sites will eventually require joining Facebook, Twitter or others to stay connected??? 
Will I have to join Facebook to stay on Blurtit? I've only been on long enough to observe conversation which was unprofitable.

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No Ladyhorse, you won't have to do that. It's just a cheap way to try and keep the spammers away but doesn't look too successful.


Never been on it out of respect for my Dad but he doesn't work for them anymore so I might take a look and mess with them some. He sure got a shitty deal from them after working for them for free for a couple of years. I bet I wouldn't last a day!