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Wrong Purchase

My hearing had gotten worse, and, ultimately, I was faced with a decision: buy a pontoon boat, which I could enjoy all summer, or get a hearing aid.

The choice was obvious—to me at least. However, my sisters did not approve of the boat.

One day during lunch with them, I was having trouble following the conversation.

Finally I leaned over to one of my sisters and asked what had just been said. "You should have brought along your pontoon boat," she replied.


Link: http://www.rd.com/joke/wrong-purchase-joke/

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:D Always good for a chuckle! 


Lol - thank you, Hitman. :D

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Then he should have said to her, "And the next time you're drowning in the lake, I'll paddle out in my hearing aid to rescue you."


Lol - good idea, T(h)ink! :D:D