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The first officially recorded Cricket was first played in USA on 1793. The first officially recorded baseball game in U.S. history took place on June 19, 1846, in Hoboken, New Jersey. Archived references to cricket played in America date from 1709. A New York newspaper from 1739 contains an advertisement for cricket players and the first documented competition occurred in 1751 in Manhattan. Cricket received a significant amount of media coverage at the time. The sport was played in approximately 125 cities in 22 states. Roughly 500 officially established clubs existed and it is probable that in 1860 there were 10,000 boys and men in America who had actively played the sport.
  • Cricket entered USA, a long before countries like India.
  • George Washington had played the Cricket and it was his favourite game. Others such as Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln had also played the game.
  • George Washington's troops played what they called "wickets" at Valley Forge in the summer of 1778.
  • Cricket might be played before baseball in US.
  • The first ever international cricket match was USA v Canada, Canada won the game.
  • Henry Chadwick, often referred to as the ‘Father of Baseball’, covered and wrote about cricket for the New York Times before he became a baseball follower and cheerleader for the sport.
  • With a lot of immigrant population and funds, why Cricket is not a popular sport in US? Even Afghan plays the game better the USA!

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I doubt it.

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I have to agree with Tink on this one. What your call Football is Soccer to us and is starting to take off here pretty good. We have so many professional sports now that I doubt whether Cricket would catch on again. Too close to our Baseball.

US always win tons of gold medals and tops the Olympics medal list. In Cricket, it performs poorly even against the Bermuda. Cricket is George Washington's favourite game and has some history in US. With some fund and media coverage, Cricket can be made popular again.

Just getting someone to fund it and get it going would mean some major money.


I wonder how even the nations like Bermuda and Afghanistan plays better than the US. US has a lot of immigrant population from other countries too.

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Well, I think that cricket has too many "rivals", if referring to Baseball, American Football, Basketball, etc.

And in Europe, Association Football (or Soccer) comes first, and, besides winter sports or, in summer, athletics, cycling, etc., rugby is quite popular.

As to changing from soccer to cricket, there might be indeed some "funding" problems:


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