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SodaHead was a Q&A opinion site, somewhat similar to this one, except SH had about 3 million registrants, with many thousands active at any given time. There was always lots of activity.

In June of 2015, SH abruptly and without warning closed its Q&A site, leaving its members high and dry.  It still continues its own polling operations, but does not permit questions or comments by individuals.

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I'd never heard of it till it shut down and many members came to blurtit. Ask.com closed about the same time for no reason either but I hear they at least told the members a month ahead of time. There was also Experience Project of whom many members seem to be on Answermug now.

I had heard that Sodahead was the best of the bunch though for Q & A sites.


man, sodahead was so unique and different, and with tons of great features and an awesome layout. There will never be another site like it :( i wish you could have experienced Sodahead..

(some here have said that sodahead was like this site but i would have to disagree. very few elements are similar but the site was not similar in general).. Overall, i'd say that answermug reminds me of Sodahead more than this one. 

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Sodahead was a very popular, successful and very active Q&A discussion site - now a polling technology site for media companies.

It had a large number of members of diverse nationalities, various groups and topics, although largely centered on USA views and interests. But there were rumours about the site being sold (the CEO left in 2014?), and later on, it was closed down abruptly in June 2015.

Several former insiders are also here and on various other Q&A sites. Many "refugees" have settled on Facebook. As to the other sites, ask Dan; he is the expert and very helpful.

Info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SodaHead.com

The site: http://www.sodahead.com/

Business comes first:


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A website that was kinda like this one but more active that shut down suddenly in the summer of 2015

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Similar to this site Sodahead was better and more fun. Sodahead generated revenue from news and private sources. This site has former SH users that I recognize by name... Sodahead was strict and would deactivate your account without notice.  


@ Kharmeldove:

Yeah, they could DA you, but avoiding deactivation was part of the fun on SH. I had a bunch of people who would regularly flag my comments, mainly because I disagreed with their politics and made fun of the foolishness of their arguments. A few of my comments got taken down by the SH mods, but I never got so much as a warning from them, and was never DA'd.

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