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Looks like it went the way that Ask.com went. Pretty much dead now ans Ask is just a third rate search engine now.

Guess you'll have to wait until an ex Sodahead member comes on to tell you the whole story! I was never on it.


Kninjanin, I was never on SodaHead either. I have talked to people who were, and they were sorry when it closed. But I am not sure what the two videos are talking about?

Kninjanin Virginia

They talk about SodaHead owners.

It was some years ago, but I was on SodaHead until one day they kicked me and other users off. The site at the time was still up, but I never got a new account with them after they did that to me. I don't know what is was or is like now, after that.


SodaHead became a polling service, no longer open to the general public as a free opinion/Q/A site. :angry:

Soda Head, to me, became public enemy #1.  I had a very tight group there, as did others.  We were like family (heard that before?) and then, one day, to my surpirse, and to the surprise of a lot of others, we were blocked from getting on, and the close friends we all had on there were vaporized, unless you had , had the foresight to establish alternative contact info at the time.  I didn't....nor did a lot of others because we never thought we would all be summarily shot like that.  The untold pages of people were super pissed when we found out we were all cast out without warning and....it's probably a good thing there wasn't a public place to find those responsible because the participants would probably have beaten them to a bloody pulp.

I think that, despite the fact that many have tried to put on a brave face and say, "oh well.....I've moved on," I, and a ton of others know better.  It was a unique site that had a host of people who had become sort of this part of their own selected villages, and without warning-----Pompeii.

I hope those responsible never have a successful venture again.  They hurt a lot of people without regard, and without warning.  For the record, I've purposely amended my language.  I lost alot of good friends.

Anyway, you asked