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Wifelets at war: Wall-to-wall bitchiness and a drunken catfight over chicken casserole between three of the Marquess of Bath's 74 girlfriends

This is a story of sex, love, violence, bitter rivalry, beautiful (and some rather less beautiful) women, stupefying riches and an ageing aristocrat who hobbles about on crutches, has 74 ‘wifelets’, a penchant for group sex and a rather distinctive aroma.

Oh yes, and he can swallow a mackerel whole as a party trick.

The aristocrat is, of course, the famously polygamous and very beardy Alexander Thynn, 7th Marquess of Bath, aka the ‘Loins’ of Longleat.

He is 79, married with two grown-up children and has a personal fortune estimated at £160 million in the Sunday Times Rich List.

And, last month, he found himself in the headlines when what started as a civilised Sunday luncheon of chicken casserole, pomegranate couscous, mixed salad leaves and home-made chocolate tart at his 10,000-acre, 16th-century estate degenerated into an orgy of drunkenness, violence and lewd suggestions involving bizarre prosthetic sex aides, followed by an emergency midnight ambulance dash to Royal United Hospital, 

The incident involved three women — two of them long-term consorts.The Marquess of Bath with Trudie, whom he met at a party. At the time she was alternating between modelling assignments and freelance nursing work


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Um... no, thanks.

I don't care for drunken catfights or bitchiness.  :ermm:

And I don't think the love and the sex would be all that great either.  :O :D


He's not my type of man, yuck ! Lord Bath is too old, too married, too whorish, and has erectile problems... Bitchiness, orgies, and drunkenness is not my idea of fun. Lord Bath is hell bound if he does not repent and stop this vulgar behavior..  Image result for alexander thynn, 7th marquess of bath

I don't think even Hugh Hefner has as many women at one time as Lord Bath. :O

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Recovering: Susanna Zallskyj (far left) and Trudie Juggernauth-Sharma who for the pastRecovering: Susanna Zallskyj (far left) and Trudie Juggernauth-Sharma who for the past 13 years has been Wifelet Number 68Recovering: Susanna Zallskyj (far left) and Trudie Juggernauth-Sharma, who for the past 13 years has been Wifelet Number 68

This is crazy !!!!!


Lord Bath needs a reality check 75 outside women in a marriage is not honorable !!!!  

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No, no, thank you !