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How much money do they have? :-)

Platinum TheOtherTink

I've got a couple of grand, any good...lol

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

Um... well, maybe we could share some fish 'n' chips now and again.

Are you sure you don't have a couple of billion stashed away in a Swiss bank?


The oldest for me would be like 27.


Mrs Didge will be 76 in a couple of months. Our relationship seems to be working out. Even so, when she hits 80 I might have to start thinking about a more recent model. >:-/

Ancient_Hippy Didge
I just might have to tell her that Didge.
Didge Didge
That god a laugh out of her, Hiippy, and *sigh* I got a kiss on the skull.
Ancient_Hippy Didge
Awesome Didge. You and I, both, have large foreheads, plenty of room for kisses.
Platinum Didge

you could change her for two forty year olds

Didge Didge

Wow! They'd probably kill me but I'd sure die happy. :D


As I'm older than most of you...lol...I would only be interested in same or younger..


C When I was 19  - 21 I was in a relationship with someone 10 years older than me. It was NO GOOD! I'm sure it had nothing to do with the age gap and everything to do with the fact that he was a manipulative abusive idiot ... But still it has put me off large  age gaps.. I think 5 years difference is about as far as I would go now. Unless I met someone awesome more than 5 years older .. Who wouldn't almost throw me over a 12 story balcony :) lol ...I have issues :) but I'm aight 


For me 60-65 or two 30 year olds

lobsterman Platinum

2- 30's would be a handful

Darkest Serenity

Probably 10 - 15 Years and then 10 - 15 Years time I'll be slipping into my Cougar Years and they'll be

 10 - 15 Years Younger  .........at least    lolz  You're as Young as who you Feel  :P


My husband was 15 years older than me. He died last Halloween. Need I say more. ;(