Do you use dating websites?

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Feb 18, 2017 in Websites by Kninjanin (3,697 points)
yes 0 votes
no 7 votes, 100%

9 Answers

Rooster Feb 18, 2017

Nope! Never have. Thought about it here and there but never did it.

Kninjanin Rooster Feb 18, 2017

I heard that they have a lot of spammers.

Kharmeldove Rooster Feb 21, 2017

 That is so true Goranko

Kharmeldove Rooster Feb 21, 2017

The Rooster doesn't need the internet for a date The Rooster charm is all that is needed to captivate the  Lady Hens....:) 

TheOtherTink Feb 18, 2017


Kharmeldove TheOtherTink Feb 21, 2017

That's right Tink :)

Mountain Man Feb 18, 2017


Hitman Feb 18, 2017

Been married a while and I sure don't need one of those damn things.

Marianne Feb 19, 2017

Absolutely not.

Kharmeldove Feb 21, 2017
You don't know what  of an animal is lurking on other side of the keyboard or the true nature of the individual... I have reds flags on people that  rely on the internet to find a suitable mate. 

Call me an old fashion outdated square that's not hip and living in the past..  . I want to physically see the man having a chance to get to know something about him before considering a dinner date. 

 Too many stalkers, murderers, perverts, and demanding sex maniacs surfing the web. Check yourself finding  out why you cannot get a suitable date or mate.  Stop picking undesirable bottom of the barrel persons gutter minded people to date.  Too many people have become victims of internet dating .
Ms. Kharmeldove has no intentions of becoming a statistic via internet dating or any other high tech dating inventions.... 
Kharmeldove Feb 25, 2017

Some people have come to grief and death dating online..

Kninjanin Apr 24

I tried one dating website. I saw many suspicious accounts and deactivated my account.

Online dating is not safe, particularly for women, but even for men sometimes.

Virginia Kninjanin Apr 24

Hi Kninjanin, sometime I just grieve a bit, because the Internet has such wonderful upside potential but people too often use it for darker reasons...:ermm:

HegeMarie Apr 25

No, I never have.

But I know many success stories of couples who found each other online.

I think it is important to be careful, though.

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