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I replied to Tyto twice but conversation ensued between Rooster and Tyto not me. Just lost my conversation with Marianne...not on purpose..."Chat" is extremely s-l-o-w.

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I'm sorry Ladyhorse. I thought I was replying to him. I didn't think I said anything bad. My apologies.

Ladyhorse Rooster

No apology necessary. You didn't say anything bad but the conversations are just not displayed correctly. That bothers me.


You should ask the admins.


Sorry, Ladyhorse; I crashed repeatedly, and there seem to be cuts on several websites. 

There might be problems with different older and more recent software apps, systems, etc.

Furthermore, free on-line apps might be infected.

Ladyhorse Marianne

Everything is cool...I didn't want Rooster to be falsely accused.

Marianne Marianne


No, we know that there might be technical problems or incompatibilities with certain systems - not people. Ask Dan for help.


By the way, if you want to be sure that the answer goes to the right person, start your post with @....... and the name of the person you are addressing (see above).


What did you do now,Pop? Stirring up crap again? You talk about me! 

Ladyhorse Hitman

My goodness Hitman, stifle...your pop didn't do anything wrong...